Mentor & Coach & Editor
for Writers of fiction and creative non-fiction

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”

Annie Dillard from The Writing Life

"Katri has a rare ability to give feedback in a way that immediately makes me start thinking of ways to improve. She’s never negative or critical so that it always feels like a shared process."

writer, fiction

Are you a writer of fiction or creative non-fiction?
Are you starting a writing project and not sure how to develop it?
Have you written a draft novel and are unsure how to proceed?
Do you struggle with finding a balance between writing and the demands of life?
Do you suffer from doubt?
Do elements of craft appear baffling?

How it works

I'll ask questions about what you are doing, or would like to do; what you want to achieve and how to get there. Whether you are a beginner finding your voice or a more experienced writer facing questions about motivation, craft and form, I'll help you find clarity and make progress with your writing project.
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"I have found Katri’s mentoring to be unfailingly constructive and elegant, her insights laser sharp, and her overall approach, quietly compassionate."

JDwriter, travel memoir

"It’s a joy to work with Katri and I find our sessions very rewarding and productive. I am constantly impressed by her ability to analyse a story and drill down to its heart."

writer, fiction

"Katri has a good grasp of historical themes and often prompted me to expand the fictional world by suggesting research elements that I’d ignored. Her approach is to be really encouraging and on the occasions when I’ve felt disillusioned with my projects, her practical tips have got me back on track."

writer, historical fiction

"The sessions with Katri have been one of the best investments I have made - I feel as though I have had a university-course worth of teaching for a fraction of the price! But, for all that Katri offers, she somehow makes me feel as though the ideas and possibility are within me."

writer, young adult fiction

"Katri's help was invaluable and unique in that it was so light-handed. There wasn't any sense of being directed by her or told what to do. What she does instead is listen with an unusual intelligence that comes in at exactly the right moment to free you from the knot you've been tying yourself that prevents you from writing."

writer, poetry and non-fiction

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